I need you to understand who is governing Spain

Spanish government would probably hold the Guinness world record of stupid&radical&fascist comments per minute, if that would come to be ever recorded. As a first approach, please have a look at the following statements, all from either directly members of the government, other public positions of the governing party (the PP), or direct related people:

“El aborto tiene algo que ver con ETA, pero no demasiado” = “The Abortion has something to do with ETA (basque terrorist group), but not too muchJorge Fernández Díaz, Minister of the interior, May 2013.

“Según los psicólogos, acercárse a un altar puede ayudar a calmar la ansiedad por la falta de trabajo o por el temor a perderlo” = “According to psicologists, going to an altar can help reducing anxiety for the lack of a work position, or for the fear of loosing itTVE, national television (which is directed by Julio Somoano, known Theophilus and strategist for the PP media campaign), May 2013.

“La virgen del rocío nos ha hecho éste regalo adicional en nuestra salida de la crisis y en nuestra búsqueda del bienestar todos los dias […] viva la virgen del Rocío!” = “The virgin of the dew gave us this additional present in our coming out from the crisis, and in our search for the wellness every day […] Long life to the virgin of the Dew!Fátima Bañez, Minister of Work, June 2012

“… y estaban ahí para hablar de algo (derecho a decidir de Catalunya) que afecta a todos los españoles, y que sí que es un derecho de todos los españoles, y no como el aborto” = “…and you were there to talk about something (Catalan’s right for self-determination) that affects all the spaniards, and which it is a right of all the spaniards, and not like abortionSoraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Vice-president, implicitly saying that abortion is NOT a right of all spaniards, May 2013.

“Sí señor, muy bien, muy bien, muy bien. Que se jodan!” = “That’s it, very good, very good, very good. Fuck them!Andrea Fabra, member of the parliament for PP, applauding (as the rest of her party) while the president announced the stop of the financial suppor to the jobless in Spain, July 2012.

“Nuestro interés es españolizar a los alumnos catalanes, y que se sientan tan orgullosos de ser españoles como de ser catalanes” = “Our interest is to spanishize the catalan students, so that they are as proud to be spaniards as they are to be catalans” – José Ignacio Wert, Minister of Education, about a polemic law of him which will destroy the education and catalan and the social cohesion in Catalonia, October 2012.

“La pervivéncia de la espécie no está garantizada con el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo” = “The permanence of the species is not granted with the marriage between people of the same gender – Jorge Fernández Díaz, Minister of the interior, March 2013.

“Es importante que haya gente pija y rica que son los que gastan y consumen” = “It’s important that there is posh and rich people, who are the ones that consume – María de los Llanos de Luna, Govern delegate in Catalonia, April 2013.

“Los votantes del PP se puede quedar sin comer, pero pagan la hipoteca. Otros, con excusas vagas, no hacen lo mismo.” = The voters of PP may have not enough to eat, but will keep paying the mortgage. Others, with vague excuses, don’t do the same – María Dolores de Cospedal, General secretary of PP, April 2013.

And now comes the hardcore part. The following comments are strangely related to Nazism, and have caused (and will keep causing) violence outbreaks in Spain and Catalonia. (Although many say this is actually what they intend to cause).

“La ejecución de Companys (President de Catalunya 1933-1940), es una de las pocas ejecuciones de Franco que habría aplaudido toda democracia” = “The execution of Companys (President of Catalonia 1933-1940), is one of the few executions by Franco that any democracy would have applaudedHermann Tertsch, journalist for ABC, Intereconomía and Telemadrid, May 2013. As a reminder, Lluís Companys was a democratically elected president of Catalonia, who exiled to Paris after the spanish civil war, where the Nazi Wehrmacht arrested him and brought him back to Barcelona, where he was illegally executed by the fascist government of Franco.

“S’acaba la broma aquesta separatista: si vostè continua amb aquesta línia de desafiament a la Constitució, de desafiament a la llei, vostè no tindrà ni un euro i, quan faci fallida, jo, el govern central, intervindré la comunitat, vostè se n’anirà a casa seva i jo, durant sis mesos, durant un any, em faré càrrec d’això i una vegada hagi posat orde, tornarem a fer eleccions i a veure què passa” = “It’s over with this joke of separatism: If you continue with this line of challenge to the constitution, of challenge to the law, you will have not even a Euro, and when you go bankrupt, I, the central government, will intervene the community, you will go home and I, during six months, one yer, will take charge of it, and once I have restored order, we’ll make elections again, and we’ll see what happensAlejo Vidal-Quadras, member of the EU parliament for PP, May 2013.

And all these are only statements from these people. Wordless is the tribute that the Spanish delegate in Catalonia, María de los Llanos de Luna, made to the 250th Hitler division, the Blue division, this same May 2013.

I will keep updating this post with the surely upcoming even more polemical declarations from these people that, we may laugh about them, we may cry on how fascists they are… but still they are governing us.


2 pensaments a “I need you to understand who is governing Spain

  1. A bag: ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Country to the freedom in euskara) is not a “terrorist group”, is an armed.

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